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How To Fix Paper Jam In HP Printer

When a paper jam error occurs on your HP printer, the final step is to await the issue to be resolved. Well before then, this error is usually determined by the paper jam issue without papers jammed in the rollers. However, at times a genuine paper jam might occur.

When the printers are jammed, they produce a peculiar noise after sending a message to print, and the printing is not completed. There may also be times when the printer prints out a test page but refuses to press other papers.

But don’t worry, this article will provide you with helpful steps on how to easily fix paper jam on your HP printer. From identifying the cause of the jam to troubleshooting and resolving it, we’ll cover all you need to know.

How to Fix Paper Jam on HP Printer?

As the prior sentence clarifies, most often the paper jam error message on HP printers is merely a reflection of a paper jam. So first of all, power cycle the printer by unplugging the cable and turn the printer on afterwards. The error message should be gone if it persists. Then unplug power supply and reconnect it. If the error still appears proceed to the repair step.

Check Papers in Paper Tray

Make sure the number of inserted papers currently on the tray does not exceed the set limit. Otherwise, the printer won’t be able to take in the papers and give you a paper jam error message. You can check the printer s manual to find its maximum paper capacity.

Likewise, be certain you carefully placed the paper tray after you inserted the papers inside. Otherwise, the wrongly designed tray could cause problems.

Fix Paper Alignment Issues

Arrange the papers in the tray so as to best fit the paper tray. You may also use papers of the same thickness and ensure they are moisture free. The papers shouldn’t be sticky.

Change Document Size

Another reason for a paper jam error is using different paper sizes than the papers actually inserted into the tray. You will not be able to print an A3-sized document by utilized A4-sized paper in the tray. Therefore, you need to go to your printer s printing preferences settings and modify it accordingly.

The steps to change the paper size are fairly comparable on all the models of HP printers. Here, we are mentioning HP Laserjet Printers for clarity purposes.

  • Open a spreadsheet or a document you’re trying to print.
  • Press Ctrl + P to open the Print menu. Click Printer Properties on the Print menu.
  • Alternatively, open the printer’s properties.
  • Navigate to the Hardware and Sound Devices and Printers section in Control Panel.
  • Right-click the HP printer profile and select Printer Properties.
  • On the Printer Properties window, navigate to the Paper Quality tab.
  • From the Paper Size dropdown, select the document size you want to print.
  • Choose Custom and specify the size if you can’t find the document.
  • Click New to create a new size.
  • Give the name to the document size, select the height and width of the device and click Add.
  • Click OK to save all the changes.

Now print the document and no problem printing it.

Check for Stuck Papers

Most basic fixes are complete; it is time to check if there are any papers stuck in the paper path. Also, dust and debris can wind up clogging the paper rollers over time. The rollers might not roll papers well or eject them efficiently on account of the blockage.

So, you must remove any stuck papers and clean the mess before the printer can functioning normally again. Please keep a flashlight and a vacuum cleaner nearby so that you can reach and remove stuck pieces and unsettled dust. You may be required to access all of the areas of a printer where papers may be stuck.

The steps for accessing the paper path may be slightly different based on the model of printer you’re using. Here, we are specifically discussing the HP LaserJet Pro 400 MFP M425dn printer for demonstration purposes.

Clearing Under Toner Cartridge Cover

You should first check your ink cartridge if you possess an Epson printer. Likewise, make certain to examine the toner cartridge if you own a laser printer.

  1. Turn off the power supply of your printer and remove the cables.
  2. Let the fuser cool for 10 minutes or so. It is because the heater in the printer is heating it, and will be hard to use soon.
  3. Empty the paper tray and remove this paper tray from your printer.
  4. Using a lamplight perform a visual sweep to locate the overhanging paper.
  5. Then open the front of the printer compartment and lift the cover of the toner cartridge you possess.
  6. Check if you have any obstructive pieces of paper inside with the help of a flashlight.
  7. If any carefully remove them.
  8. Use a blower to flush out all foreign dirt from the toner cartridges compartment.
  9. Close the tray door.
  10. Print a test and see if the paper jam error is cleared.

Clearing the Paper Path

You couldn’t get your system to clean because the toner cartridge was not sorted out. Possibly, the beam landed where they were between the roller wheels. The printer has two roller wheels: a pick-up roller and a feed roller.

Pick up the roller that holds the sheet of paper in the paper tray while the feed roller feeds the sheet of paper into the printer for printing. Check both the roller and remove any stuck pieces. Also, use a blower to remove the dust and particles from it.

Access the paper path cover of the scanner and take it off. It is generally rear of the scanner.

If you see the moving casters, check if there’s a paper piece stuck between them. If available, safely remove using a hand, or you may be able to use an a toothpick to do so.

  • Use a light to inspect further.
  • Subsequently, use a blowing device to blow out any residual dust.
  • Lastly, check the paper output tray and remove from any stuck papers there may be.

Cleaning the Wheels

Now that you’ve cleared the paper paths, its time to clear the roller wheels. Roller wheels are located in the paper path cover and underneath the paper output tray. Before your print job is finished. you should check underneath and make sure that they are all clean.

Your printer needs frictionless wheels to function. Cleaning the machine with lint-free cotton and a diluent is a sound cleaning strategy.

  • Remove the power cord from your printer.
  • Remove the paper trays and paper path cover from your printer.
  • Now dip a lint free cloth into the distilled water wring it out slightly and wipe the wheels.
  • Now lubricate the wheels and apply an upholstery lubricant to sit.
  • Also, inspect if there is hair obstructing the wheels.
  • Use your hands to pull it out and then clean the inner the body of the printer’s body.
  • This can help if there’s anything obstructing the optical sensors from getting the paper well enough.
  • Use the blower in all of the areas pointed out where it’s impossible for the optical sensors to detect papers.
  • After you’ve finished cleaning, replace the paper tray and path cover.
  • Check now if you can print normally.

Reset the Printer

HP printers are equipped with optical sensors that detect papers as they move throughout the rollers. Sometimes the sensors are unable to identify this paper, causing the printer to throw a paper jam error. Often, resetting the printer is helpful in these situations.

If lots of users were reportfaintde setting, resetting your machine could help and if users report the paper jam error was fixed, you should definitely attempt that.

  • First, find the IP address of your printer. Please consult this article on how to find the printer’s IP address.
  • Then, launch Chrome or any other browser on your PC.
  • Enter the IP address of your printer and hit Enter key.
  • Sign in to the printer and choose General > Restore Factory Settings.
  • Click the Reset button.

Tip: You can also try other methods to reset the HP printer if the above process does not work.

Take Your Printer to the Service Centre

If your own printer isn’t able to automatically eliminate the paper jam, then it may be time to visit an authorized HP repair center. You may need to bring yours along to the special service center when you feel recent cartridges aren’t functioning correctly.

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